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u/Danny · 7 months ago
I'm unsure what to call it really, but I assume it's technically the OVA. There's only three episodes.
u/Danny · 4 months ago
Since applications are closed currently, I'll just put this here to see if it's possible. If anybody sees this, then good for me.

I'm curious if "The Boondocks" would be an applicable show for this site. Some people consider it anime, some do not. Would it be possible for it to be posted on the site?
u/Danny · 4 months ago
I'll post an official request once requests are back out, but I'm saying this just to see if it would be applicable.
Opened by u/Danny - 7 months ago
Accepted by u/TorredMA - 5 months ago
Encoding by u/TorredMA - 5 months ago
Done by u/TorredMA - 5 months ago