Dragon Ball Z BlueRay edition

This request has been fulfilled. Watch it here!


u/BlueJayFrosty · 7 months ago
Basically the whole serious of kai I haven't watched it and im wondering why its still not on here if the original DB is.
if your able to find a blueray version that would be neato
u/SassySkeletor · 6 months ago
What about Dragon Ball Z but the Dragon Box Edition? No screen cropping, closest to the original broadcast... I have such a version, both subbed and dubbed, where could I go to share it with y'all?
u/gabe1145 · 6 months ago
Maybe individually
u/gabe1145 · 6 months ago
Would love to see that u/SassySkeletor if you could find a way to share.
u/Tsujikiri · 4 months ago
Now this, this i wanna see :3
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