Vinland Saga Episode 3
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Aired 2 months ago
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u/OnlyGraD · 2 months ago
Tfw episode 3 gets released before episode 1 and you have to fight the urge to watch it anyway.
u/MeowMix · 2 months ago
New meta.
u/Sunny649 · 2 months ago
they released these first 3 episodes this soon, but the 4th doesn't come until the 28th...
u/Mimoji · 2 months ago
wtf are you serious?
I gotta weight till 28th......... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
u/PattiMcFatti · 2 months ago
beautiful animations, great story so far. I think I'm going to read the manga now.
Simply can't wait for the next episode.
u/Fog · 2 months ago
Thor is such a badass tho... Sucks that it says what happens in the synopsis >:(
u/AinzOoalgown · 2 months ago
awesome opening, and awesome ending, rock bifitting northern modern music of today
u/Kaito1412 · 2 months ago
holy the animation is so amazing i'm so stoked for the rest of the season. the plot seems really cool and I can't wait to see how everything unfolds
u/Hoan · 2 months ago
thors probably gon be winning the fight then die tryin to save thorfinn
u/King_Naruto123 · 2 months ago
so anti-climatic
u/Mirai01 · 2 months ago
3 episodes!
u/badagrung · 1 month ago
Studio's intro goes from 00:00 to 00:18
Opening goes from 03:39 to 05:09
u/kemanikab · 2 months ago
cinematic beauty
u/Meh · 2 months ago
Why does the synopsis ruin the plot? It's 3 episodes in and still hasn't happened. Very stupid summary.
u/shooticide · 2 months ago
Was that a psychedelic mushroom?
u/Lester11 · 2 months ago
hmm.. so they only bathe once a week( on Saturday's) I bet they stink pretty bad ;\/)
u/darrylall · 2 months ago
A later writing often credited to the Abbot of St. Albans reports that "thanks to their habit of combing their hair every day, of bathing every Saturday and regularly changing their clothes, were able to undermine the virtue of married women and even seduce the daughters of nobles to be their mistresses."

They were more clean than the Brits at the time.
u/themanj · 1 month ago
compaired to others they must smell great...
u/themanj · 1 month ago
compaired to others they must smell great...
u/Evilitself · 2 months ago
u/Neemsmemes · 2 months ago
What's up with the shitty upload schedule?
u/hxper · 2 months ago
Episode 4 is not gonna be released today am i wrong?
u/REST · 1 month ago