Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 2
The Slave Girl sub

4.8 (1800 votes)
Aired 8 months ago
Updated September 17, 2019 · 49.3k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Geducci 路 8 months ago
Finally ep is out, been waiting for it.
u/Silverknight13 路 8 months ago
Waiting another whole week.....the struggle is real馃槬
u/Fullweab 路 8 months ago
I'm just gonna try my best to forget about this anime until all the episodes are out. Good thing I didn't finish Naruto Shippuden or one piece
u/iGlitched 路 8 months ago
Was confused when it didn't come out last week, but it keeps you hyped for next episode when it was yesterday, am I right?
u/Margott 路 8 months ago
Why did the feels kick in so soon.
u/Akuno 路 8 months ago
worth the wait and now its a torture to wait a whole damn week
u/viibes 路 8 months ago
Someone give this man an exp share
u/Codeseys 路 8 months ago
I for one love the idea of alternate world rebirths and summonings (and would like to be in one lol) but holy dayum this man has been wronged to the end of another universe. Honestly, if this man ends up being op it will rank #1. Gotta love an op character with a weak beginning.

Woot Woot to Raphtalia for bringing a heartwarming feeling to the show. Plz don't die...
u/Sunny649 路 8 months ago
She recovered from that trauma quite fast.. :O And...she could've only done that due to the friendly-non-slave treatment she got from him xd ... Another week.. xD
u/soprano7 路 8 months ago
How come an episode on 25 can fell so short. This is a good anime and a good episode!
u/IceKareem 路 7 months ago
He's going to rape her just like Myne SAMA!!!
u/Kelvin 路 7 months ago
u/hiaru 路 8 months ago
Director: 鈥嶲uentin Tarantino
u/Ceebee 路 8 months ago
Finally...the wait is over.... Ty Animeultima
u/SoulChung 路 8 months ago
plz more xd so good
u/joshua_gasal 路 6 months ago
u/Curedpie 路 6 months ago
Can someone listen to the opening song
u/Ti0 路 6 months ago
Minna, don鈥檛 forget about precious Raphtalia Chan.
She鈥檚 gonna grow up fast.
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