Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 23
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Aired 3 months ago
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u/frsaperture · 3 months ago
something is r i s i n g, but it's not the s h i e l d
u/LordFarquaad · 3 months ago
Doesn't get boring even after reading the manga.
u/Alexander-kun · 3 months ago
I'm waiting for it to catch up with the manga.
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
When a man hits a homerun with a woman they sleep together. When a man hits a homerun with another man he helps you move. I see a future episode with l'arc helping naofumi move in the future.
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
Actually I'm wrong. Naofumi may be the one helping l'arc move now that I think about it. L'arc you sly dog.
u/TheDigitalZero · 3 months ago
Just wait 1 or 2 more episodes.
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
Well, if you you go buy the name of the next episode, the girl who beat everyone in the last wave, and the new magic, you could probably guess they are on the other team. You could also guess it'll be about saving both worlds.
u/Ti0 · 3 months ago
Woah there. Is that a spoiler!?
But I don’t mind as I’ve been reading the LN for like forever.
u/Ti0 · 3 months ago
Wait never mind.
The title of the next episode is “Guardians of Another World”
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
Sorry, I'm just guessing. But I don't think the other side are bad guys. Did you see the translation scene both L'arc and naofumi used the same translation ability. This isn't a cliche anime so both teams could be "good". Think about it this way. If the waves happened on earth and another planet...
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
And the only way to stop the waves on earth was to make sure planet b lost, you'd fight against their heroes. You don't hate planet b, but earth is your home. You'd probably pray there was a way both planets could win, but no one's found it. This is naofumi's story, and I bet he will.
u/Howardton · 3 months ago
"How do I look?"
Me: *Sully groan*
u/Loriethalion · 3 months ago
Raphtalia is the closest thing i have ever come to being a furry
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
Don't worry there's still time. I was once like you, but I tell myself they're werecats and werewolves so it sounds cooler.
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
Besides I don't think you could make it through the remake of thundercats and not go furry for cheetarah.
u/sinnx3 · 3 months ago
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u/ulrichchris11 · 3 months ago
Well, that (ending) was unexpected. And, is it just me, or is Naofumi actually having fun now?
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
I think he was close to making a friend.
u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 3 months ago
Its been a while since i read this part of the manga but man did i enjoy this part. The next few episodes are gonna be good
u/Sunny649 · 3 months ago
There's definitely some more to L'arc.... The reason why he declined the party offer.. Maybe he already knew a wave is coming or something? :thinking:
u/Exerxes · 3 months ago
Maybe he finally realized that he was dealing with Shield Hero if the story he told was not an act or he was just playing ignorant to observe if the rumors were true.
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
I like him, though.
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
We know why our guys fight the waves, but why does the other side fight with them? I think there's more to it than they're bad guys.
u/ulrichchris11 · 3 months ago
With the introduction of Glass, I'm beginning to think that there's some kind of "BBEG" (big bad evil guy) running an army of sorts. Glass seemed, to me, to be some sort of "Captain" or "General", sent to evaluate Naofumi, because he's both the strongest of the four, and the one whose made the most progress since the heroes arrived.
u/ulrichchris11 · 3 months ago
We also can't forget about the previous Shield Hero- apparently he did something which, either directly or indirectly, caused Trash to experience hardship ("I'll lose my family, again" etc), and may have also been noticed by the BBEG in the last set of Waves. Which has to make you wonder, how often is the world threatened that there are 4 specific magic weapons kept on-hand for four specific heroes? Looking at Fitoria's failing memory, the assaults probably occur no less than 100 years apart.
u/Diavolo · 3 months ago
Beach Episode
u/RemnantMemory · 3 months ago
Hayamin and Jun Fukuyama made the episode whole lot better... hopefully they stay as bro instead pulling Naofumi's ass like the other hero..
u/Meersaleem · 3 months ago
i wanna see noufumi and raftalia have kids
u/Me3 · 3 months ago
Which part? The conception or the birth?
u/Meersaleem · 3 months ago
After they have kids
u/rtagubajr95 · 3 months ago
I haven't reached this point of the manga yet but something tells me that L'Arc has some sort of connection with Glass and the waves... Time to hit the books!
u/Ender · 3 months ago
this is getting better and better, how many episodes will this season have? is the next one the last?
u/Kin · 3 months ago
25 episodes. two more. I'm thinking they'll introduce a new arc within two days or finish a small arc to prepare for a big arc.
u/Ti0 · 3 months ago
Hope not
u/Lester11 · 3 months ago
How many episodes are in S1 is it a 24/25 EP series or whole 50/52 episode series
u/The_Eclipse · 3 months ago
I was wondering the same thing, though I hope it is longer than 24 episodes.
u/aeoxshin · 3 months ago
Isnt there supposed to be a drinking contest in that bar, or im remembering it wrong?
u/ucii · 2 months ago
Finally they properlly showed the Scythe Hero i didnt think they would this season
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