Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 15
Raphtalia sub

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Aired 5 months ago
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u/Khatan · 5 months ago
..... shh no im not crying >
u/Grim_The_Emu · 5 months ago
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u/am_an_fagit · 5 months ago
*Kidnaps, enslaves, tortures and murders innocent children*

"If I kill you, I'll be no different to you."

In what world are those equivalent moral evils?
u/kaleinyo · 5 months ago
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u/am_an_fagit · 5 months ago
I disagree that killing is inherently evil. He tortured and killed innocent people for no good reason, whereas she wanted to kill him to punish him for the unspeakable atrocities he was guilty of. The two acts have entirely different contextual backgrounds. I don't see anything morally evil about a victim killing her torturer, whether he's armed or not. I mean, there's a reason why the law now recognises 'battered woman syndrome' as a defence to murder.
u/BlackSwordsman95 · 5 months ago
I wouldn't really have cared about that shit. Just kill the guy...
u/Loriethalion · 4 months ago
If i was in her place i would completely lose myself to my impulses and tortured him extensively and then letting him think he escaped just to hunt him to cause him to lose his mind to terror... I wouldn't even allow him to kill himself!
u/Aydhe · 5 months ago
Can someone tell me why we never kill the bad guys? The good old "Shoot the guy twice to make sure he's dead." kind of thing.
u/Draigg · 5 months ago
Killing is never the answer, torture is. Why kill them when you can make them feel pain until the day they die?
u/Aydhe · 5 months ago
why extend the existence of problem?
u/Grim_The_Emu · 5 months ago
so they can regret being born
u/Me3 · 5 months ago
He's a noble he would have got away with it.
u/Draigg · 5 months ago
Because of anger and hatred? How is a person without limbs, teeth and tongue a real problem? Keeping him a live would be a problem. that's right, but you can just hire someone to put meals like food, joghurt and the like near his body so he can eat and force him to eat, if he refuses. Something like that, pay the guy every month while you live your life and once in a while go see your prisoner (maybe finally kill him if you regret treating him so bad.)
u/Draigg · 5 months ago
I advocate killing the prisoner or torturing him until he dies. Keeping the guy as a normal prisoner is just a waste of resources, but if keeping him alive and torturing him helps you move on, go for it. Killing the person is not a punishment imo. You just destroy any future he might have, but he will never feel he paid anything for what he did.
u/Draigg · 5 months ago
Physically torturing him or making him truly regret what he did (with no physical torture) would balance things out (but I usually think of pushing your pain onto them, which isn't really the best choice either.)
u/Loriethalion · 4 months ago
I swear to you mate, talking from both sides of the experience, terror is underrated!
u/kadsoukui · 3 months ago
A character in Mahou Shoujo Site did just that. Although the guy was being kept alive through IV-transfusion. Torture everyday :D.
By the way the bad guy murdered her whole family including her pregnant mom.
u/TOBISCUITS · 5 months ago
depends on the anime and the target audience
u/Exerxes · 5 months ago
Yeah I despise that motive. Never made sense, since letting them live on brings more death and destruction so the end you're actually a bad guy in my view. For reference Batman doesn't kill the Joker but the Joker ends up killing hundreds of more innocent lives that batman supposedly is there to protect.
u/iHina · 5 months ago
overlord straights up either uses the enemy or slaughters them off with a extremely devious ploy. This one uses "Karma is a bitch" technique. If one person doesn't kill them then karma will seek a chance to do so.
u/JacobWater · 5 months ago
At 4:50, can someone explain how the glass is broken but not the bars?
u/Wyld-WolfDragon · 5 months ago
Hes heavy fat ass cracked the glass, and swung the windows open causing him to fall uwu lol
u/noah_g · 5 months ago
u/Loriethalion · 4 months ago
He broke open the window after the glass cracked and when the window swung open it fell out.
u/OppaiDragon · 5 months ago
That's fucked up ;_;
u/Lester11 · 5 months ago
That fucking sob finally died being crushed by a giant dragon

u/Kixong · 5 months ago
Feelz hero.
u/Origami · 5 months ago
Oh, it's a fucking T-Rex! I've tamed and rode a bunch of those fookers in games.
u/sTix · 1 month ago
u/SylockvXx78 · 5 months ago
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u/Manuchimso · 5 months ago
why can't you just enjoy the episode and just not think about wether its cliche or not you will enjoy watching anime in general much more by doing that lmao
u/Lou · 5 months ago
well shit
u/Hoodedbeastie · 5 months ago
Wish she had cut his hands or legs off.
u/AverageOtaku · 5 months ago
Why are all the bad guys fat white pigs?
u/The_Eclipse · 4 months ago
Watching the op, gives so much nostalgia since we know about Raphtalias back story and looking at how those kids dies is just sad. Seeing Naofumi with her is reassuring. I can’ really describe this feeling I am feeling, but it is warm and comfortable yet a pleasant one. It feels the start of when I watched anime and those anime’s just immerse me with nostalgia.
u/Exerxes · 5 months ago
Knicker th ;)
u/Exerxes · 5 months ago
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u/BigBroMattie · 5 months ago
your tears sustain the shield hero for many more episodes to come.
u/Exerxes · 5 months ago
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u/Ti0 · 5 months ago
Yes! Filolal queen!! But I reference to her as the filolal empress.
Hmm. As dark as expected.
u/Ti0 · 5 months ago
I-I’m not crying...
u/Blank_0430 · 5 months ago
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u/Akuno · 5 months ago
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u/Tagged · 5 months ago
Pretty bland episode imo, all the juice is gonna be in the next one.
u/scrimnick · 5 months ago
dem skellebones tho
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