Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 7
Swordcraft Academy sub

4.7 (1052 votes)
Aired 9 months ago
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u/doeskanakker · 9 months ago
motherfuckers, I know kirito will probably win against volo but I hate these kind of cliffhangers.
u/edgy_bach · 9 months ago
I cannot wait for next week 3x
u/Chigo · 9 months ago
Episode didn't feel long enough
u/dojampau · 9 months ago
friggin cliffhanger!!
u/Faabulus · 9 months ago
Yea that cliffhanger is nasty
u/Kouama · 9 months ago
That lokey felt like five minutes. Good episode nonetheless.
u/lakm06 · 9 months ago
Haha, Kirito has that "I'm gonna hand his ass to him" look
u/adzaraneta · 9 months ago
Like, seriously?! Ugh!
u/ToyosiAmos1 · 9 months ago
u/train_wreck · 9 months ago
spent 10 mins looking for the arrow to the next episode then realizing there was none T~T
u/Hazard · 9 months ago
u/Katsuragi_Kazuto · 9 months ago
Just leave it to the anime...since the story would always makes Kazuto kun more powerful and gain more experiences...
u/dude808 · 8 months ago
14:39 "...I didn't any money." LMFAO
u/Shaun_Wolf · 3 months ago
heh meh
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