One Punch Man 2nd Season Episode 12
Cleaning Up the Disciple's Mess sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/itshind · 2 months ago
when king screamed SAITAMAAAAAA i couldnt stop laughing
u/Jacob_p12 · 2 months ago
When Genos asked, "What am I missing?" I deadass expected Saitama to say, "A leg".
u/madbull34 · 2 months ago
lol..I thought the same thing.
u/Manunator · 2 months ago
Lmao, would of have been pretty funny
u/NotF2Bully · 2 months ago
If you think about it, what he lacks is probably an AP attack...WHAT ABOUT Concentrated incineration cannon or something like Bakugo's "AP SHOT"from BNHA?
u/Djtrizzle · 2 months ago
「Stand」Caped Baldy 「Stand User」KING
u/Howardton · 2 months ago
Is that a f u c k i n g j o j o r e f e r e n c e ?
u/Th3Chosen_1 · 2 months ago
u bet ya
u/shooticide · 2 months ago
That was a serious series serious punch against elder centipede, Saitama says it in the manga. Also before Garou gets picked up, he slams the ground then uses a tree and swings it so hard it generates tornado like winds. In the anime he slams the ground then screams.
u/SomeGuy · 2 months ago
Basically: the manga explained stuff much better than the anime itself where it should have been the oppposite.
u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 2 months ago
Saitama's theme is probably one of the best OST's in anime. (In my opinion)
u/MohammadH673 · 4 weeks ago
all the music was good especially the beginning i just dont like the music after saitama punches the centipede
u/makabishal · 2 months ago
20:08 awesome scene 😍 😍
u/sonipt · 2 months ago
Yo!! This episode's soundtrack was top notch!! And I'm not even talking about what happened in this episode. Probably one of the best, this second season had to offer.
u/Nyeh · 2 months ago
I like how everyone tried so hard and then saitama comes in
u/Yoshaye · 2 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Anonimaniac · 2 months ago
Ufotable could do it justice, I think...
u/Ghaux · 2 months ago
Would be nice to see Bones give it a try too
u/madbull34 · 2 months ago
The problem with the original production company is they are one of these really weird companies that hates to make a second seasons. Which is terrible thinking business wise. So you'll never see them make another.
u/Yoshaye · 2 months ago
Wow tf did I get downvoted for 🙄
u/WARxWAR · 2 months ago
I don't care what anyone says, I liked this season!
u/godeshot · 2 months ago
8:39 glitched
u/PIJAN · 2 months ago
The captions are messed up...
u/xxonexx · 2 months ago
try to reload
u/SheepSkillz · 2 months ago
I'm afraid this is the last episode of season 2
u/Asilan · 2 months ago
What are the chances for 3?
u/ThePoog · 2 months ago
manga is currently with the heroes inside the monsters headquarters in Z city.
Next season will be about that. (if it will be produced).
manga probably needs still 3-6 months until the end of the arc, each means next season, not before late 2020
u/Blankkcu · 2 months ago
you forgot the "actual" manga by ONE. that one is pretty far
u/Lennon29 · 2 months ago
They can't leave it like this it doesn't even have a proper ending so..
u/Arky · 2 months ago
you know its last episode when the opening is on the end
u/Soulwarfare · 2 months ago
Genos continues to fail as usual
u/savo · 2 months ago
Thats it?
u/xxonexx · 2 months ago
was this the last episode?
u/Light_2007_yt · 2 months ago
i dont think
u/rexparis · 2 months ago
according to myanimelist it was the last episode
u/KEN_NAGAZAKI · 2 months ago
u/MelonNibbler · 2 months ago
yup that was my exact reaction :P
u/Concorde93 · 2 months ago
One Punch ...
u/XxIwatchanimexX · 2 months ago
I wonder how orochi will be dealt with
u/BigBoyBobbie · 2 months ago
with one punch
u/XxIwatchanimexX · 2 months ago
Sure couldnt guess that
u/ZootySama · 2 months ago
not even a serious punch, just a normal punch was enough lol
u/Donny_v2 · 2 months ago
Unless he has some sort of regeneration thing like Boros from season 1
u/RodolfoSousa · 1 week ago
One Punch comes in and one punches..
u/AverageOtaku · 2 months ago
Silverfang: I'm going to pour all my energy into one attack!

**Saitama has entered the chat**
u/Key_Xiong · 2 months ago
Power Duh!
u/TheSupremeKing · 2 months ago
Flowing water, Fist of roaring ki, Rendering AIR! one of favorite close combat moves xD
u/Donny_v2 · 2 months ago
U forgot whirl wind
u/ioconnor720 · 2 months ago
idk if its just me but I kind of want saitama to be known for how strong he is so bad
u/madbull34 · 2 months ago
He probably never will be though because he doesn't really care about that.