Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Episode 1
Golden Times / Sweaty Bottom Izumi sub

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Aired 5 months ago
Updated September 17, 2019 · 21.7k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/BigguMaikku · 5 months ago
Wait I thought I was on animeultima not hanime?
u/Azureflight · 5 months ago
So . . . is there an uncensored version perhaps?
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
If ATX aired it there should be a uncensored coming from a fansub group (I will reupload with uncensored once it releases/shows up)
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
Which from my raw sources there will be a uncensored airing on ATX at (AT-X 04/11 21:45 UTC) so fansub groups who picked it up should release theirs with the uncensored anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours after.
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
AT-X release was a dud, it's softcore uncensored so it's hardly uncensored at all... :( Looks like the Blu-ray will be out December 11th so will have to wait until then.
u/PusseyDonn · 5 months ago
so we need to wait 8 months for unesored ?
u/TaAikah · 5 months ago
Would like to know, as well.

Though it'll probably only be available if/when the blu ray comes out :(
u/Howardton · 5 months ago
why is my pp hard
u/Alexandar · 5 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/protonjosh · 5 months ago
Finally an anime that I can indulge my teacher fetish in!
u/Chitoge · 5 months ago
Gotta love these WTF moments... :'D
u/sinnx3 · 5 months ago
Well, I have some unfortunate news... Anime Production company for this specific show held back the true uncensored version for the manga release so that wont be around until December 11th. AT-X release is also censored.
u/OhMerGerd · 3 months ago
i cant believe this made me hard
u/NielNel · 3 months ago
yeah 1!!
u/rtagubajr95 · 5 months ago
Good good, I've been waiting for this anime and now it's out
u/vinztallk · 5 months ago
I am gonna wait for the uncensored episodes
u/Lester11 · 5 months ago
Oh shit I just 'cummed' twice
It's the best I want an uncensored version
And I expect this anime to get atleast 3 seasons
u/LeftScar · 5 months ago
Six seasons and a movie
u/Ev0xRevenge · 5 months ago
I applaud your optimism comrade! My your wish make it so.
u/Merohhe · 3 months ago
and youtubers making fan theory videos
u/Ahmer-sama · 4 months ago
Can it be download?
u/tommythedwarf · 4 months ago
This is so stupid, but I love it
u/KillerTronixx · 4 months ago
When will we get uncensored Version or Give us the Link !!!
u/salambrothers_ · 3 months ago
the op already made my pp hard .
u/NielNel · 3 months ago
this is a good anime ;3
u/xXLONEWOLFXx · 2 months ago
dont worry i watched the uncensored version and there is nothing that shows
u/Ibyy_psycho · 2 months ago
Dude srsly isn't this supposed to be just literally hentai