Kenja no Mago Episode 9
The Grandchild, the Magic Gear, and the Engagement Party sub

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Aired 3 months ago
Updated September 17, 2019 · 14.6k Views · by u/GoodGuy


u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 3 months ago
Can we get rid of the little sister. Her voice haunts me
u/Thamage · 3 months ago
"Do you feel that, Sizilien?"

"Yes its incredibly large"

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
u/darkmark90 · 3 months ago
....i thought...i..i..thought i was the only one...
u/Elemental215 · 3 months ago
I kind of wonder, at this point, what is the point of regular classes for them?
u/madbull34 · 3 months ago
well he's still way more powerful then they are. So they still have lots more to learn.
u/SylockvXx78 · 3 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/lil_boi · 3 months ago
bro this is like the first time i see to characters confess their love in a action anime
u/GayHime · 2 months ago
Right? I'm like, what is this, a shoujo manga? But it's really cute.
u/Massive · 3 months ago
Wow, anime does make marriage into royalty look easy
u/itshind · 3 months ago
i like the show.......... but im not a not a big fan of romance
u/madbull34 · 3 months ago
Glad they can have a actual relationship in a anime while still having a story that's not just about that relationship. That being said im guessing something messed up will happen where she gets turned into a monster and he has to cure her.
u/Douglas2709 · 3 months ago
u/ryalane · 3 months ago
There's literally no spoilers in there. They haven't referenced another source, and they are also just making guesses.

I have no idea why you would even think there are spoilers.
u/Ichiraku · 3 months ago
Idk what will happen exactly but I have a really bad feeling about this relationship... it's progressing too fast and too far for an anime...
u/Ev0xRevenge · 3 months ago
You right. It feels unnaturally fast. Some shows go seasons without any confession lmao
u/aidenszz · 3 months ago
Can may stfu her voice is the most annoying thing i've ever heard
u/Asilan · 3 months ago
Might get down-votes but, I kinda wished Sizilien didn't exist. She annoyed the crap out of me with her constant crying and how the story makes it so it looks like she actually interacted with Shin and how they had a relationship. All she did was go "hehe" and visit for a uniform enchantment a few episodes back. Whatever else happened up to now wasn't even substantial enough to remember about her.
u/rtagubajr95 · 3 months ago
Yes finally they kissed!
u/Toxic_OutFit · 3 months ago
I don't know why, but after seeing this episode with their engagement, something feels wrong isn't it? It might just be me but I do feel that there is something wrong and there is like a hole in my heart of depression somehow.
u/MrFasz · 3 months ago
I was about to type exactly that, it seems too good to be true and its actually just all a set up...
u/hilarywang · 3 months ago
Isn't this technically classified as pedophilia?? But not really, cuz he was old and he got reincarnated and crap?????
u/Ev0xRevenge · 3 months ago
Chill bruh, girls used to get married off to way old guys at the age of 12. People in medieval times lived to like 50 or so max usually so married young was quite common
u/Ev0xRevenge · 3 months ago
Chill bruh, girls used to get married off to way old guys at the age of 12. People in medieval times lived to like 50 or so max usually so married young was quite common
u/zawadi · 2 months ago
Wow this show has such a different feel than when we first started
u/LOL · 2 months ago
Sizilien voice is awfully annoying
u/KudoSerge · 3 months ago
this anime is almost end.Is almost episode 12
u/sinnx3 · 3 months ago
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