Kanata no Astra Episode 9
Revelation dub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/Sunny649 · 3 weeks ago
Wait...Astra was the planet's name all this time and not just the name of the spaceship?! So the whole Earth is cloned and humanity moved to that planet and went on cloning themselves too?! The one plottwist after the other... xD Also....we actually still don't exactly know who even broke the communication device from the start right? Everyone now already got a solid story.....? @.@" Unable to predict at least for me now xD
u/Jacara · 2 weeks ago
Lets just say the planet is named after the ships.
u/Tinx · 3 weeks ago
this is so good!
u/Ghosthammer · 3 weeks ago
aanddd da plot twist!!! what's this now? alien vs alien? multiverse?
u/thetiby · 3 weeks ago
WTF in episode 1 an "old text" got translated, where Astra meant planet and they named the ship Astra because of it. Now they suddenly remember that their planet name is Astra? Normally, they should've said, look, this ship is probably from our planet. It was clever how they never showed the 5th planet name in their planned route, but I don't like this "coincidence". I hate it when things get forced like this into stories.
u/CarelessCrimson · 3 weeks ago
But then the name of the ship becomes a pun tho
u/Elemental215 · 3 weeks ago
I have a hunch, that the old lady at the airport is Aries' original.
u/Kazehaya · 3 weeks ago
I think Aries is a clone of Siera from last episode and she got put up for adoption when she was born
u/Jacara · 2 weeks ago
A lot more to it than that =D
u/shooticide · 3 weeks ago
A double plot twist and huge cliff-hanger! I actually felt a chill go up my spine at the end.
u/kottonet · 3 weeks ago
Wonder if it's still Earth but millions of years later! A joke of the gods! I need the rest of the serieszzz NOW!
u/Jacara · 2 weeks ago
We do see Earth in the anime =P
u/Might · 3 weeks ago
Wow so I knew that the parents were in kahootz but clones of themselves to use as vessels for the consciousness? Cmon thats a massive plot twist I never would've thought of that
u/TechJockey · 3 weeks ago
jeebus, this anime is all over the place (but in a good way)
u/Jacara · 2 weeks ago
It all ties together by the end
u/RemnantMemory · 3 weeks ago
what, are they gonna pull the 'earth clone' thingy now, lmao
u/dedaoskater · 3 weeks ago
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
This show is getting better and better, that plot twist... and Aries reactions are so cute I had to watch it again ^^
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