Isekai Quartet Episode 10
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Aired 3 months ago
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u/Flamehelix · 3 months ago
we need more anime like this without the chibi version and short version haha :D
u/RemnantMemory · 3 months ago
Hah, Kazuma should use SUTEEAARRUUUU and put Tanya in her place :D
u/Macbob · 3 months ago
too lazy :D
u/Jfm21 · 3 months ago
Congrats to Kazuma for finishing basic military training and became a soldier xD
u/sinnx3 · 3 months ago
A quick reminder to everyone that we do have an official Discord group! If you would like a more "live" chatting experience like Chatango feel free to join us on Discord!
See you all there
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u/aeoxshin · 3 months ago
And they spoiled Cris real identity.
u/MrChickster · 3 months ago
Really hoping this becomes canon and they reference it in future seasons :D
u/Diavolo · 3 months ago
Where is no game no life?
u/Sternberg · 2 months ago
Is it over already? D:

I can't wait for season 2
u/blu3s0da · 3 months ago
that was so much fun! xD
u/Exerxes · 3 months ago
So this ends with episode 12?
u/BigBroMattie · 2 months ago
Looks like it.
u/Hiniberus · 3 months ago
The chibi makes as entertaining as it is though.
u/Ender · 3 months ago
Kazuma is the best
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