Isekai Cheat Magician Episode 1
Lost Ones from Another World sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/syukyoo · 2 months ago
to many isekai anime this season
u/Macbob · 2 months ago
at this point i am just wondering why make isekai when you can make a new fantasy world
u/Maxi · 2 months ago
until now more than 5 and still coming xD
u/Tanfy · 2 months ago
finally came out, i don't expect too much but its worth a shot
u/XxIwatchanimexX · 2 months ago
Same here
u/XxIwatchanimexX · 2 months ago
Kenja no mago 2
u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 2 months ago
30 seconds in and they ruin swordfighting for me. Never strike someone wearing PLATE ARMOR with the edge of your sword. Do some half swording and hit them with the cross gaurd you stupid elf.
u/darrylall · 2 months ago
Man. The sword is magic. Ez.
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
This is the perfect example of isekai trash turn good. Honestly I couldn't get passed the MC stupidness from the manga that I drop on the first chapter. Didn't expect the anime to be this good the MC stupidness is gone. He's not making fun at the guild master hair and laughed like a Ahole, this one is more mature(I think?) because he's not treating this world like a game and realize he must survive in this world.
u/BlueJayFrosty · 2 months ago
Yeah like shield hero
u/LilFlexin · 2 months ago
another op isekai anime
u/No_luck_Zero · 2 months ago
*me making a meme*

Article 13: trying to make a meme huh?

Anime ultima: Stop! He can do memes here.gonna be juicy!

u/Eve · 2 months ago
Im already shipping taichi and rin lmao
u/iYagaYeet · 2 months ago
so true
u/abas2 · 2 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Urek_Mazino · 2 months ago
Isekai Anime's are part of the reason anime is still striving so don't Hate too much. lol
u/ichijourin · 2 months ago
17:42 reminded me of some isekai anime before i really feel like they copied it or something
u/b9k · 2 months ago
maybe the smartphone one ?
u/RobtheKing · 2 months ago
it might be the same studio as the smartphone
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
This one is good because of studio too I think. Take a look at 'Maou-sama Retry' that is one of my top list isekai manga but the animation ruined it. Everything is wrong about the anime one 'Maou-sama Retry' manga is thousand times better than the anime adaptation. It amateur works The MC in the manga is not like the anime one, the anime one looked grumpy asf.
u/hxper · 2 months ago
u/shooticide · 2 months ago
Boring first episode
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
what did you expect a straight up fight with the Demon King?
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
just give it a few episode because this to me look promising because the MC took a 360 turn on the personality he became likeable to me trust me the manga is worst than this.
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
you want a h*ntai protag that has bloated belly wearing a glasses with creepy laughed and breathing heavily when confronted with a girl with the eyes that look at her like he want to defile her when they are alone is that what you want. sorry just kidding.
u/shooticide · 2 months ago
I just don't want so many bad Isekai anime to come out every season but i think it will stop soon. A few years ago it was animes like chivalry of a failed knight kept coming out. Chivalry of a Failed knight, Sky wizards academy , Absolute duo, Bladedance of elementalers, World break. Not saying they are bad but when the same stuff keeps coming out it feels oversaturated and becomes harder for me to get into it.
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
I get that. man.. when the next isekai that is actually better than this come out people will judge it as generic because of anime like this came out first even though the better one came out long before this even exist it will be overused like you said.
u/Biskut · 2 months ago < this one good next season
u/Djtrizzle · 2 months ago
Like Zoinks Scoob, we found another Isekai.
u/Lester11 · 2 months ago
first time first
u/DankGhost · 2 months ago
I read this manga. It's bad. I prolly won't keep watching the anime, but I cant stop reading the manga
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
this is different the MC personality take a 360 turn
u/DankGhost · 2 months ago
How so? sorry It's painful to watch so I didn't.
u/Biskut · 2 months ago
MC in the manga make fun of guild master hair called it a wig? then laughed so hard like a Ahole
u/RemnantMemory · 2 months ago
ha ha, into the shite list you go.
u/Not_A_Weeb447 · 2 months ago
Also the town in the op is straight out of konosuba
u/unfzrtunate · 2 months ago
pretty generic