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Fairy Tail (2018) Episode 49
TV Series dub

4.8 (694 votes)
Aired 6 days ago
Updated September 17, 2019 · 7.8k Views


u/eman · 6 days ago
childish ppl will keep on with the "first" bs, don't mind them and enjoy the few eps left
u/Xubin · 6 days ago
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u/Mohamadstar22 · 6 days ago
Don't matter who first.

Only 2 episode left
u/BeWaReJay · 6 days ago
I would have been fine if they extended it to episode 52. I would rather have acnologias backstory be in one episode like Ezra’s mom, but whatever the series is rushed anyways
u/Yojimbo · 6 days ago
Yea ! Fuck who was first, Its almoste over :-(
u/wiki · 6 days ago
wow this Acnologia guy is freaking op
u/Macbob · 6 days ago
Damn now they can't boat the dragon D=
u/Malteboi · 4 months ago
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u/Malteboi · 4 months ago
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u/Smmike06 · 5 days ago
Fuck 2 ep left need more ep
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