Fairy Tail (2018) Episode 22
Natsu, Revived!! dub

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Aired 6 months ago
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u/DarthMagic · 6 months ago
Is being naked the way to defeat Zeref or what?
u/END-2_3 · 6 months ago
yeah or use his morals against him maybe something like that
u/BeWaReJay · 6 months ago
That's what I was thinking. Somehow get him to make the guildhall go invisible until they fight zeref or something. I didn't read the manga so idk.
u/Muffinman · 5 months ago
Jacob remind me of Jason Statham (The Transporter) lol
u/Talluhburrs · 4 months ago
I was thinking the same
u/AniimeUchiha · 6 months ago
Lucy is Suxy!
u/DvHunta · 6 months ago
so shell strip infront of zeref and hell feel affection for her so his magic will try to kill her but it wont work so itll be reversed and kill him. I think thats the idea
u/izroda115 · 6 months ago
We are Nudist bitch KILL la KILL get NAKED
u/Mohamadstar22 · 6 months ago
When mavis saw enemy using power that people disappear, that she figured using that power also she saw that one too,the enemy using stealth mode. That she figure out how to use that power.
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