Fairy Gone Episode 2
Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers sub

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Aired 5 months ago
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u/Hazard · 5 months ago
I wonder if Ver is Wolfran's daughter...
u/Omidoggo · 5 months ago
This is JoJo but with a lot of girls XD
u/Fullweab · 5 months ago
That's what i thought lol
u/Fullweab · 5 months ago
That's what i thought lol
u/jori · 5 months ago
u/Clouse_000 · 5 months ago
u/LordOkatu · 5 months ago
u/zerorocketone · 5 months ago
The fight scenes would be fine without that corny music.
u/MiddyBodiddy · 5 months ago
I think the music was fine but I reckon some orchestral piece would fit it more for sure
u/zerorocketone · 5 months ago
i agree. that edgy pop makes it seem like it's trying too hard.
u/Fullweab · 4 months ago
the music is trash
u/FAKEY547 · 5 months ago
The op brings some aot vibes for me
u/MeliodasSama · 2 months ago
Yeah dude with the broken houses and shit too.
u/Fullweab · 4 months ago
This is Jojo but with bad CGI, a trash soundtrack and no cool poses
u/lukistar · 4 months ago
I do not see any connection between this and jojo. Completely different vibe, completely different plot. How do you even thimk of that.
u/Woethebro · 3 months ago
this is somewhat jojo but with no menacingly poses