Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? Episode 2
Why Don't You Have Some Protein? sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/frsaperture · 2 months ago
Something's a w a k e n, and it's definitely not the Pillar Men
u/Me3 · 2 months ago
Good good. (said in my best empirer voice)
u/mucleicc · 2 months ago
this anime better not awaken anything in me...
u/Me3 · 2 months ago
Especially not to the muscle guy in the leather mask fetish.
u/frsaperture · 2 months ago
damn they did the countdown just like that, this anime REALLY want us to train
u/JacobWater · 1 month ago
It's perfect!
u/RemnantMemory · 2 months ago
never thought the time has come for me to drool over girl abs...
u/The_Riddler · 2 months ago
Well then welcome to the club
u/Starhappy · 2 months ago
*cough*mikasa's abs *cough*
u/Xalefiction · 2 months ago
OPM has a challenger, bloody hell o.O
u/ANIMEfreak · 2 months ago
Also Hibiki is fcking strong.
u/Lester11 · 2 months ago
at this rate she really will become MACHO!
u/Hazard · 2 months ago
u/Exerxes · 2 months ago
Why the fuck is he mixing whey with Bcaa? There's literally Bcaa in whey protein.
u/beeandwin · 2 months ago
yeah author should have promoted Creatine
u/AinzOoalgown · 2 months ago
Fun fact: Golden time is a myth
u/Exerxes · 2 months ago
Only if youre fasting.
u/AinzOoalgown · 2 months ago
there is this thing called anabolic window, but it's literally open 24 hrs, and yes like you say unless you're fasting which then it isn't
u/madbull34 · 2 months ago
Barnold Shortsinator made me laugh.
u/Howardton · 2 months ago
The guys in the gym are really attempting to rival JoJo characters..
u/FlamingSkull471 · 2 months ago
Stretching has been a myth this whole time!?!?!
u/KobeCL · 1 month ago
Genos wants to know her location
u/TajSupreme · 2 months ago
When they mentioned planks I started having war flashbacks from Fitness class lmao
u/Me3 · 2 months ago
Shin gorilla = Shin godzilla. One of the few this godzilla fan has not seen.
u/Howardton · 2 months ago
u/Lolicon · 1 month ago
The golden time is not true
u/sugoiboi · 1 month ago
plot(giggity) twist: turns into a boxing anime
u/fajriin · 1 week ago
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