Dr. Stone Episode 7
Where Two Million Years Have Gone sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/madbull34 · 1 month ago
Man now I have to wait a whole week just for more..... :(
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
Well...luckily this Anime is a 2-cour at 24 episodes ^^
u/Mr7ellow · 1 month ago
feels bad, i read the manga in it will end on a cliff hanger.
u/imraijin · 1 week ago
but isnt the manga still running??
u/Oneandhalfgeeks · 1 month ago
u/godsxna · 1 month ago
IKR ;(
u/AspectOfTheDevil · 1 month ago
What happened to the dogs that were held by owners when they were petrified. (Cries a little inside)
u/PopJaCherry · 1 month ago
They got ate by the escape zoo animals, all the pets....or most of them I think. Was it ep 2 or 3 he said it :? hm
u/Light_2007_yt · 1 month ago
yea i got sad at that part
u/kimikato101 · 1 month ago
they got eaten by lions and other wild life
u/Anime4Life · 1 month ago
Wife kohaku hill riding 5:28
u/Might · 1 month ago
hahah omg its you again
u/tankslayer21 · 1 month ago
wait this is only ep 7? it makes me happy to see everyone (laughs in manga reader)
u/NyaakuSan · 1 month ago
I know right? but I'm oke that they don't rush this.
u/AleX_FG · 1 month ago
Hello there. ^^
u/roge9 · 1 month ago
u/Chinaman · 1 month ago
Hello there
u/Diavolo · 1 month ago
u/Jay123456 · 1 month ago
u/ramsly2003 · 1 month ago
he got a science buddy
u/clikus · 1 month ago
One more and that's Chemistry :3
u/Legeis · 1 month ago
the puppy at 20:44 so sad man the feels
u/Seekynator3000 · 1 month ago
is 3700 years long enough for there to be new bacteria that can deal with antibiotics? I do not count getting used to antibiotics because we overuse them today
u/aldenarip03 · 1 month ago
Don't worry about that because bacteria evolve to survive.If the bacteria is not challenged,especially for 3700 years it will devolved as it has no need to use insanely strong offences against an extinct defences.You don't use a nuke on a extinct dinosaurs.
u/Manja-Man · 1 month ago
Now lets just hope she doesn't overdose like my grandma

also that ending song👌
u/Lb_Last_Hunter · 1 month ago
OH i now get it the longer your hair is the smarter you are!
u/Attention · 1 month ago
this is why we learn the flame colours at chemistry guys
u/Lester11 · 1 month ago
too short if got the rights over the anime i will turn it into 1 hour episode twice a week cheer up you faggots
u/Tenny · 1 month ago
You know right that it takes a lot of time and effort to make the opening and ending and the whole rest of the episode which is probably around 200-300 frames and come up with the ideas for the episode right?
u/Zephyric_Ash · 1 month ago
lol, 200-300 frames per episode? try over 18,000 per episode, thats much closer.
u/Negus · 1 month ago
if the episodes are at around a standard 24 fps, than this episode is around 30,575 frames (not including the op and end). that's considering its at 24, imagine if its shown at 30 fps
u/recouer · 1 month ago
lol no guys XD if that was the case that would be way too costly for the studios.
actually the number is pretty close, as the image while they are talking is unchanged, with only the mouth moving, it reduces the frames needed by a lot. only action scenes are costly to produce, the other are just one frame with slight adjustment to produce the sensation of motion and to keep the actions fluid.
u/Zephyric_Ash · 4 weeks ago
as recouer said, thinking that this whole anime is in 24 frames a second is way to simplistic, a lot of anime animate most scenes in 2s instead of ones (so 12 frames per second) and various other methods are used that reduce the frame count to about half of what would be 24 per seconds, even if the anime is played in that speed. putting in that many frames is excessive, has little use and would overwork the animators even more than already.
u/drmemespoon · 1 month ago
u/kemanikab · 1 month ago
awesome ep
u/Hoodedbeastie · 1 month ago
annnnnd this is where I stopped reading the manga because I wanted it to catch up, I put if off for sooo long.
u/l2bunny · 1 month ago
i feel bad for the puppy man that pup must of suffered
u/pandapaw03 · 1 month ago
Can't wait to take chemistry in the next few years, lmao.
u/Ran · 1 month ago
Fyi, this is just going to get better and better
u/aldenarip03 · 1 month ago
It seems that you had read the manga,am i wrong?
u/AutumnFlower · 1 month ago
I mean at some point when he collects enough couldn't he just prove he's not a criminal by unpetrifying someone? I know it'll take time to get the amount of fluid he needs but at some point I want to see their reaction!
u/recouer · 1 month ago
he'd need to gain their trust first, as they would always be wary of a stranger anyway.
you cannot tell if the person before you is a psychopath, especially when they are outsiders, it is much easier for them to commit crimes as an outsider would make do even without them, wich makes them pretty unrestrain, wich is the reason why caution was advised when someone didn't tell you where you came from, who you are and what you are doing, which was customary during early stages of civilisation.
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