Dororo (2019) Episode 2
The Story of Bandai sub

4.8 (1031 votes)
Aired 8 months ago
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u/BlackPanda 路 8 months ago
First his skin recovered an now his nervous system, this is getting to be quite interesting as each episode comes, good ep overall
u/Axelblaxer 路 8 months ago
Nice Anime
u/poopking 路 8 months ago
Look like his nerve is back :D FEEL THE PAIN!!! 馃ぁ
u/SoulChung 路 8 months ago
So he recovered his nerves? Wait did he always have a brain cause it didnt look like the nerves were connected to a brain
u/LeApsenpai 路 8 months ago
Hyakkimaru look like Yato god
u/Ceebee 路 8 months ago
Dororo remake is just awesome...
u/Elroyal12 路 8 months ago
This is going to b an epic adventure
u/Chigo 路 7 months ago
interesting, so he'll get something back every time he slays a demon
u/KyousukeSanosuke 路 8 months ago
But what did he recover?!
u/Artemisae 路 8 months ago
maybe nerves? since he didn't feel aything when he was stabbed before :/
u/KyousukeSanosuke 路 8 months ago
Oh okay, it makes sense
u/Carrotf11 路 8 months ago
Noice c:
u/_Joary_ 路 8 months ago
hecc yes
u/Anwarlisa1987 路 8 months ago
Just like in manga
u/grizcu 路 8 months ago
u/DvHunta 路 7 months ago
gona be interesting to see when he starts getting back limbs