Carole & Tuesday Episode 1
True Colors sub

4.8 (150 votes)
Aired 5 months ago
Updated September 17, 2019 · 11.9k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/presthe2 · 5 months ago
The world design seems sick
u/kilevvri1 · 5 months ago
World is great not too sure about the music but I am game for a few more episodes.
u/blu3s0da · 5 months ago
Other than being sponsored by Gibson and Instagram xD i like everything about this episode! I'm all in.
u/Buyobae · 5 months ago
Woa, the first episode is sooo good!
u/abas2 · 5 months ago
what a beautiful anime. i always have a high expectation if the anime is made with netflix since the studio are given more freedom to make what they want and their anime is usually have bigger budget than your standard anime.
u/Alpha316 · 5 months ago
I hope anime evolves like the art here. Tired of seeing anime where the character difference is hairstyle or color.
u/CatGirlSlayer · 5 months ago
Can you feel the mars? Its by Elon Musk!
u/zawadi · 3 months ago
Glad to see a black anime character, I really hope they acknowledge her color. It's off to a great start and hopefully, the character design and other elements change with each episode!
u/Aydhe · 5 months ago
ok... audio for vocal was out of tune but hopefully storytelling decision. Other than that, absolutely loving it from very first second, it's just that so much about this anime just feels "right"
u/MedSchStudent · 4 months ago
This episode doesn't load for me. I've tried using Chrome and Edge, and I'm sure my shit internet can't be that shit. Help me MeowMix plssss
u/sweettapioca · 4 months ago
oh my goodness the chills i got during their first jam session