Carole & Tuesday Episode 15
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Aired 1 month ago
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u/yoWEtrash · 1 month ago
That was beautiful, honestly. It was so amazing when they overlapped him singing something so beautiful to the strife of politics, and the ending made it all the more meaningful.
u/Ahseya_Zelera · 1 month ago
i love the ending
u/Komyn · 1 month ago
It seems like Desmond is a David Bowie character.

Also, does anyone else kinda prefer Angela's songs over Carole & Tuesday's? For the first half of the season I was 50/50, but I definitely prefer Angela's in this half.
u/Alpha316 · 1 month ago
Angelas music seems more mainstream while C & T is more Folksy. I do prefer the beats in Angelas music.